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Disable Screen Lock

I am trying to set up a tag to disable the lock screen when I am at home. It works for a couple minutes then re-locks the phone. I am using a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and have it rooted. The app has ne...

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Will you support Windows Phones (Lumia 920?)

Your android app looks fantastic, I am now wondering will you provide a Windows phone app in the near future. Would love to test my Nokia Lumia 920 nfc capabilities with the app and stickers from T...

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Switch between 2G/3G

Could you had new action in menu "wireless network" (I think this is the good name, I use a French version) when we create a new task ? Coul you had an option to switch between 2G/3G When I use my ...

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How to copy text string from nfc tag

I'm trying to copy a string of text from a nfc tag, but the only option I've been able go find is displaying the text with no ability to copy it (its a complex string with letters and numbers). Bes...

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Two OR/AND more triggers

I'd like to add two triggers but with AND condition instead of OR ie. when connected to charger + when leaving specific location to turn the car mode. Is it possible? One condition in this example...

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Conditional triggers

Is it possible to trigger an event only if more than one condition is met. I.E. Send text message when connected to bluetooth while in a certain geographic region?

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Read calendar

Can you add a condition to schedule tasks based on calendar entries? So the app will read the calendar (especially Google) and use keywords from event a conditions for tasks.

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Switch Doesn't Turn Off Apps, GS 3 Rooted

So I tried to create switches, one to turn Waze (navigational app) on and off, and another to turn Slacker and an Equalizer On, then Off, but when I tap either one the second tap just leaves everyt...

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What is that? - using a NFC-Tag my SGS3 want to connect Tag works only with OK.

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Preventing Tag Reading

Can I prevent a tag from being read every time the screen is turned on? For example if it is in a car dock.

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